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About us

Who We Are

Teamwork makes the dream work- and we've got a pretty great team over here.



We’ve grown our team with results driven, purpose powered, versatile people passionate about change and the green building and sustainability industry. We wear many hats and we wear them well!



We’ve seen it all! The hit-it-out-of the park, the good, the bad, and even the failures! From every corner of the sustainability sector and with over 28 years of business and non-profit experience, we’re ready to innovate!



This is our collective opportunity to be bold, to be ambitious, and to act faster… Accelerate Action. We are fueled by working with those that are ready to change the future. Let’s do this!

Our Purpose: Innovation Through Solutions

Meeting Your Commitments. L.E. Rigby is here to make your Sustainability Action Plan and climate commitments reality.


This is our individual and collective opportunity to be bold, to be ambitious, and to act faster to change the world.
— Jeff, Co-Founder
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Implementation Partners

We live by connecting the dots. No organization can single-handedly save the world nor be an expert in all things.
We cultivate and collaborate in strategic partnerships with people and firms across the globe in order to
maximize the available resources for our clients. Together We Will Go Farther.

Diversity & Equality

To us, diversity is less about checking a box and more about our vision of how we relate and interact every day.
We practice diversity, social justice, and gender equality because we are all part of the crew of Spaceship Earth.
L.E. Rigby is a minority and woman owned business.